Sockets and other connections exist in different module widths.

A few examples:

  • 1 module: RJ45, TV-connector, USB…
  • 2 modules: schuko outlet, TV/FM, ...
  • 3 modules: shaver outlet hotel, badgereader, ...

All MG mounting frames have space for exactly 2 modules. Maximum 6 modules in a triple plate.
The 3MT and 4MT offer space for 3 and 4 Bticino/Vimar modules. No adaptation plate necessary to install on the 3 or 4 module wall box.
The MK should only be used for sockets.

Lithoss is compatible with the following brands of sockets:

  • Bticino (living, light and light tech)
  • Legrand (mosaic)
  • Hager (systo)
  • Peha (concept 45)
  • Vimar (eikon and plana)

Depending on the brand available in 3 colours : white, anthracite and grey

Download technical sheets: Bticino | Legrand | Vimar frame + 55’ frame

Compatibel with different standards worldwide (British, French, ...)

Belgian market: outlet pin connection
The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain,... : outlet earth connection on side - ‘SCHUKO’
UK : sockets 5A, 13A (unswitched) Switzerland: T13
China : universal outlets etc…
Ask for more information.

To integrate into a single frame (MG), frame + cover (MK) double frame (MMG), triple frame (MMMG)
or combination socket / switch (1TMG, 2TMGR/L, 4TMG).
Our SB4MT (504 wall box from Bticino) allows you to install 2 Bticino sockets without adaptation plate. Same for Vimar.

Data, USB, ...

Data, TV, USB, telefone, ... these modules exist in most brands in 1 module width and need to be completed with a second module (for example USB and Coax can be combined in one SBMG) or a blind module. A data connection can be easily completed with a blind module or a second data connection in one opening (MG).

TV/FM, switch 4 positions for ventilation, thermostat, ... exist mostly out of 2 modules width and don’t need additional modules.

To integrate into a single frame (MG), double frame (MMG), triple frame (MMMG)
or combination socket / switch (1TMG, 2TMGR/L, 4TMG), 3MT or 4MT (direct compatible, without adaptation plate).

Hotel application (for classic as well as home automation systems)

For example: card reader, shaver socket, movement detector, thermostat, ...

Compatible with 3MT or custom plates, ask a personalised solution.