About Lithoss

Lithoss Designed pureness

Lithoss is an internationally renowned design company that has been manufacturing design switches for fifteen years now. Our products have been acclaimed the world over because of their unique design, functionality and soundness. This is evidenced by the numerous prestigious projects whereby one of our original products is resolutely opted for.

We design, develop and manufacture our design light switches and related products from beginning to end in our own country. Our designers create and innovate. Passionate experts give shape to their ideas in accordance with the industry practices. All of these elements, combined with the fact that we only use premium materials, guarantee that our products are of extremely high quality.

The things that provide Lithoss with its unique and exclusive character are the practically endless possibilities regarding functionality, finish, recessed or surface-mounted installation, combination options and personalisation.

Do you have a preference for a certain finish? Would you like to have another push button? Maybe one with a personal engraving? With an assorted door handle in compatible dimensions? Lithoss draws inspiration from you.

Transform your interior into one sleek entity by means of the ‘flush’ option, which allows you to integrate the switches in the wall thanks to a new mounting method – easier than ever before and highly recommended.

Next to the formal aspects, Lithoss also offers a broad range of different applications. Switches, sockets, USB chargers, sensors and thermostats, possibly linked to the most advanced home automation systems: Lithoss makes it happen. For example, we have a fully integrated KNX sensor offering an extensive range of possibilities for the sleek finish of a beautifully integrated switch/sensor. Thanks to its ample options and many combination possibilities Lithoss has gained a strong reputation in the project market. After all, being able to choose a concept that can be integrated throughout is of crucial importance in this specific domain.