Cockpit offers the ultimate design solution for all your renovation projects. This 10-ampere two-way switch can be connected directly to your conventional installation. You no longer need micromodules!

Optionally, mounting clamps and an amber-coloured neon indicator light are available.
For the fans, Cockpit is also sold in a pushbutton version (same design) that can be connected directly to your home automation system. Cockpit is available in the well-known stylish Lithoss Select finishes, including our updated bronze antique and the new public’s favourite tin antique. Finishes that generate a striking effect in both traditional and ultramodern interiors. Besides, the unique character of this cockpit switch is not only expressed in the handmade finishing but also in the matching caps & handles. The cone shape creates a classic and timeless look whereas the knurl shape gives your switch that highly appreciated touch of vintage.

Available combinations

Available colours

Matt white 9010 (cone)
Matt white 9010 / Textured black cone
Matt white 9010 / Textured black (cone)
Stainless Steel (Nickel knurled)
Stainless steel / Textured black (cone)
Textured black (cone)
Textured black / Brass (knurled)
Brass / Textured black (cone)
Textured black (Nickel knurled)
Brass (knurled)
Bronze antique (cone)
Bronze antique (Brass knurled)
Gunpowder black (matt black cone)
Tin antique (Textured black cone)
Cu29 / Textured black (cone)
Brass antique (Bronze cone)
Nickel (cone)
Nickel (knurled)

Available indicator light

Neon orange


cockpit 84 x 84 x 5,4mm

cockpit 157 x 84 x 5,4mm

cockpit 224 x 84 x 5,4mm

Available connections

250V-10A 2-way switch
250V-10A 2-way switch + neon
250V-10A push button
250V-10A shutter switch
250V-10A shutter switch + neon