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Lithoss 24V pushbuttons Classics and Piano are direct compatible on domotics systems.

The Lithoss 24V pushbuttons are compatible by using an interface. Below at point 2.1 you find some examples of inferface modules of other KNX manufacturers that can be used in combination with Lithoss switches.

Since 2010, Lithoss also has a proper KNX switch (with a plug & play wired KNX/EIB pushbutton interface reducing the installation time to an absolute minimum.), which is direct compatible with the different KNX/EIB systems. See 2.2 Integrated systems.

2.1 Compatible brand

Download list

*Note: this list is not complete. For other brands, please contact us.

2.2 Integrated systems

  • KNX switch (optional : white LED | Temperature sensor)
  • Qbus + RGB LED (optional: Temperature sensor, not available for SB1T, SB1TMG) (Circuit board with intelligence)
  • Domintell + RGB LED (Circuit board with intelligence)

Lithoss KNX - references interfaces
only available in combination with our KNX switch

Li56302 : 1-2 buttons
Li56304 : 2-4 buttons
Li56322 : 1-2 buttons + LED
Li56344 : 2-4 buttons + LED

Lithoss KNX - temperature sensor

The Lithoss KNX switch (with or without LED) is being deliverd with a plug & play wired KNX/EIB pushbutton interface that offers 4 outputs, 4 digital inputs and 4 analog inputs for sensors. The temperature sensor is integrated in the metal frame so it stays in every way discrete. Available on a single switch (1-4 buttons) and on a double switch (2-8 buttons).

  • Type of sensor : NTC
  • Internal tolerance : +/- 3%
  • Measure range: -20┬░ C till + 100┬░ C

Lithoss KNX - movement detector + thermostat

Lithoss frames are compatible with different brands: Bticino (Living, Light, Light Tech), Legrand (Mosaic 45), Peha (Concept 45), Vimar (Eikon and Plana). Possible to integrate into single frame : SBMG, double frame SBMMG, triple frame SBMMMG or combination frames : SB1TMG, SB2TMGR/L, SB4TMG. Depending on the brand, available in 3 colours: white, anthracite and grey.

Qbus - references modules

SEN01T : Temperature | SEN01 : Infrared | SEN01M : movement detector

2.3 Adapted products

  • Crestron (optional LED)

Development of a second printed circuit board (including resistors for LED) to click the Creston module onto our mounting frame (no extra wiring necessary) // module CH-UNI8IO not included. Connection creston module (8 channels input/output) on a single switch with the possibility to connect to a double switch (SB44T).

module CH-UNI8IO not included.