Orientation lighting

SBXT 24V (version Illume)

24V | The ILLUME switch can be easily transformed to an orientation light by removing the cover plate and adding a blind plate : SBXT.


250V – 0,6W | to be connected directly to 250VAC

An orientation light that is available standard in 2 colours (cold white and blue).
Warm white and other colours are available on availability. These LED-modules fit into our Bticino frame and can be integrated in the MG opening.

SQLite : New LED for orientation lights

The SQLite has got 9 LED’s that lit up. The difference with the SBQLW and the SBQLB is that the light is spread through the different LED’s shining through an opaque cover and at the edges with a plastic frame.


  • Less than 1 Watt consumption!
  • Immediately connectable onto the electricity circuit
  • The SQLite fits in any wall box
  • Very easy to install
  • Edges that light up
  • Fluorescent
  • Dimmed night light
  • The SQLite is available in all different Lithoss finishes
  • Matches the Lithoss design switches