Engraving & Print


To personalize our switches, text (in your chosen language) or symbols can be printed on the button and/or coverplate. These symbols are printed via a special silk-screen process. The Lithoss icon library contains 80 symbols. Other symbols can be printed when quality images are supplied. The colour of the print depends on the chosen finish. We normally offer black print for RAL9010, Brass, Stainless steel and Nickel switches and light grey (RAL7035) print on Bronze and Gunpowder black products. Other colours are available, like silver, white, red, ... Send us your project and we will make you an offer.

Important: printing is not possible on Chrome and Textured finishing’s!

Download our icon library

Laser engraving

Engraving allows us to bring the colour of the basic plate to the surface. The best result has been achieved with basic zinc plates (used for painted finishing’s like RAL9010 / Custom RAL) where a metal grey symbol or word appears on the coverplate. With Bronze and Gunpowder black respectively brass and red copper appears to the surface which gives you a gold or red symbol / text. A coat of varnish will protect against corrosion.

Important: not available for Chrome