For our DIMMER collection with its contemporary vintage look we let ourselves be inspired by the handles and cone-shaped buttons in a cockpit.

Thanks to dimming modules and home automation systems dimming has become a normal thing now. But nothing can beat the feeling of turning a real button and creating atmosphere and cosiness. Lithoss allows you to do this in style.
The button’s design – the traditional cone shape or the diamond-pattern knurl shape – is a piece of real craftsmanship: manufactured in a masterly way, with an excellent grip and an authentic touch. In combination with the cockpit switch you can integrate a contemporary vintage look in your interior in a stylish manner.


The Lithoss KNX rotary sensor is used for controlling dimming, switching, and blind actuators, as well as for adjusting the target value of a temperature controller.

This KNX rotary sensor follows the well-known operating concept and Lithoss look of a rotary dimmer with incremental encoder. The rotary sensor has three extension inputs for connecting conventional, potential-free contacts of switches, buttons, and magnetic contacts.
A beeper generates a confirmation tone or signals an alarm.

The Lithoss Universal dimmer offers following features :

- Switching and dimming light bulbs, HV halogen lamps, electronic transformers for halogen or LED lamps, dimmable inductive transformers for halogen or LED lamps, HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps.
- Connecting auxiliary units is possible.
- Automatic or manual setting of dimming principle according to load (leading or trailing edge).
- Display of the selected operating mode using LED.
- Bulb-saving switch-on.
- Switch-on brightness can be saved permanently.
- Switch on with the last brightness set, or a saved switch-on brightness.
- Minimum brightness can be set.
- Electronic short-circuit protection.
- Electronic excess-temperature protection.
- Operation with and without neutral conductor connection.

Available combinations

Available colours

Textured Black (Brass Knurl)
Matt White RAL9010 (Cone)
Matt White RAL9010 (Textured Black Cone)
Gunpowder Black (Fusain)
Textured Black (Cone)
Textured Black (Nickel Knurl)
Stainless steel (Nickel Knurl)
Stainless Steel (Textured Black Cone)
Brushed Brass (Knurl)
Brushed Brass (Textured Black Cone)
Nickel (Knurl)
Nickel (Textured Black Cone)
Copper (Textured black Cone)
Brass Antique (Textured Black Cone)
Bronze antique (Brass Knurl)
Tin Antique (Textured Black Cone)


Dimmer (single 84x84)