The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer is a luxurious, innovative and wirelessrotary dimmer for Casambi. It provides precise control over the brightness
of your luminaires and can also be used to instantly switch your luminaires with its integrated push function.

The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer can also change the colour temperature of
tunable white luminaires or the colour of RGB luminaires.

Of course, the device is also perfectly suited for switching and dimming
standard monocolour luminaires.

Void UTP

Our Void collection now also offer an UTP solution single and double version.

Same for USB. Next to USB A, we will be able to offer USB A+C discreetly incorporated into the cover plate.

You can combine both also in a double / triple / quadruple plate.

ARPI Round

The last years our ARPI IP66 collection was only known for its square shape. Since beginning of this year we also provide ARPI IP66 with a round shape.
Due to their curved lines, circles are defined as graceful and complete.
Do you share the same opinion?

The collection is also available in the known solid, high quality materials as Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Black and Gunpowder black.

- Dia 108mm
- IP66 / IK10I
- All types of floor (concrete screed or hollowed-out)
- Flush or raised installation

Configurator 2.0

Our configurator has been upgraded with following functions and collections :

- Personal login to save and modify your quotations
- Vertical configurations
- Immix
- Configurations with UTP and USB A+C
- Possibility to add engraving details
- Britannica / Opera / ARPI / Circum and Aesteem

New catalogue 2021-2022

Welcome to a world where intelligent functionality meets high-end design.

A world full of tiny yet crucial objects that lifts up your interior to a next level.
A world of living textures that appeals to your most tactile senses.
Ready to connect to the power of exquisite design and technology?

Our brand-new catalogue 2021/2022: your inspirational guide full of new products and all-time classics. It is designed based on your needs, expectations and convenience.