The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer is a luxurious, innovative and wirelessrotary dimmer for Casambi. It provides precise control over the brightness
of your luminaires and can also be used to instantly switch your luminaires with its integrated push function.

The Lithoss Casambi Dimmer can also change the colour temperature of
tunable white luminaires or the colour of RGB luminaires.

Of course, the device is also perfectly suited for switching and dimming
standard monocolour luminaires.

Lithoss & teletask

A new project, working with Teletask technology?

Ask about our switch that can measure temperature via an added PTC sensor.

Multiple configurations via our configurator

Mix and match via our configurator to create unique combinations to suit your needs.

Go to the configurator

PLEASE NOTE: A start-up fee will be charged systematically for future project requests of configurations of

3-fold or 4-fold that are not listed in the price list and are ordered in smaller quantities.

Casambi switch CBM module

With the Casambi CBM module integrated in Lithoss’ own PCB, every single option from their Select product range can be mixed and matched to create a custom experience for every user.

Lithoss combined the smart and wireless aspects of Casambi with their design switches to create hundreds of new possibilities for Casambi smart switches.

These switches are battery powered, which makes them fully wireless and eliminates the problem of struggling with the wiring.

When combined with other Lithoss products, like surface boxes, it even eliminates the problem of having to drill holes in the walls.

For more information, click on the following link: Switch - Casambi

KNX & Lithoss

RGB LED feedback

Per button several LED colours are possible depending on the selected function or scene.

Hotel functionality
Reduce the intensity of your feedback light at night to get an undisturbed night’s sleep. Save time in your programming by selecting the ready-made option “Do not disturb” & “make up room”.

Temperature measurement
A temperature sensor is still fitted as standard on the circuit board, so you do not need to add any extra accessories to your switch to mesure the temperature.

Arpi finishes

Present the eight different Arpi finishes through removable swatches:

Place them on the desired surface and choose your favourite finish.
(Reference: LI80515)

Stainless Steel - Brushed Brass - Black - Gunpowder Black - Bronze -
Stainless Steel Beach - Polished Brass - Polished Stainless Steel

Aesteem in bronze

Our bronze finish is applied to Aesteem to create a modern look with an authentic finish.

River Event - September 2022

An exclusive event for architects on the water.

75 manufacturers present their latest product, technique or design on board a very exclusive new ship ‘Blue Rhapsody’.

Every day we dock in a different city (Ghent,Brussels and Antwerp) where regional architects, interior designers and project developers come to visit the expo.

Discover all the Lithoss innovations on board the Blue Rhapsody.

- 06&07/09 Rigakaai Gent

- 08/09 Heembeekkaai Brussel

- 09/09 Havenhuis, Zaha Hadidplein


- 16/09 Frankfurt

- 19/09 Köln

- 20/09 Düsseldorf

Wij verwelkomen u van harte op onze stand nr. 5559